Coaching Agile in large and complex organizations

Is your organization working Agile for several years or just starting with an Agile transition? Do you encounter trouble with dependencies and predictability between teams who are working on one product? I can help in this transformation by giving insight in solutions, but also by coaching and training leaders, teams and individuals towards their next steps in this context.


Scaling Agile

Of course I can focus on getting your teams from M1 to M4 or to any preferred level, but studies thought us that just focussing on optimizing the parts will slow your entire system down. So, scaling Agile is something you need to consider in your approach of adopting Agile. How to Scrum with lots of teams and still have the benefits we seek? I can help your teams grow towards feature teams and solve dependencies between teams, make the system predictable in what they deliver.


What I do best

Agile Coaching, Leadership Coaching & Games in Agile Transitions


Do you need an Agile Coach somewhere in your organization? Do you need help on moving towards the next steps in the Agile maturity, transition or do you need your internal Agile Coaches to be coached? I can coach teams and or individuals towards strong and leading examples. I am a trained Coach with several years of experience within large complex organizations and coached a lot of teams already. Ask for my resume or make an appointment.


Do you want training for your consultants or internal Agile Coaches on why, what and how to work within large Scale Agile organizations? I can train your people on Scaling awareness and give them ready to use Scaling methods to cope with challenges in complex organizations. We combine games, training from the back of the room and more to make the learning experience as optimal as we can.



Do you want to make an appointment? I am happy to have a talk and meet. I can send you my resume if needed or just check my Linkedin profile.

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