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Agile Scaling Awareness Training (short version / 3 hours)

Scrum, working Agile in a large and complex environment is a whole other ballgame then doing single team Scrum. We will give you answers what Scaling is, Why we need it and how to start tomorrow practicing some interesting real Agile steps. This is the short version which takes three hours.
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Agile Scaling Awareness Training (short version / 3 hours)

Time and Location

06 mrt. 2019 09:00 – 13:00
TBD, Amersfoort, Nederland

About the Workshop

Is your company large and complex and are you working with Agile and Scrum and finding yourself in a challenging environment in which teams and departements have lot's of dependencies, low predictability and is the lead time still not what you want it to be? We will explain why this is the case and help you with an overview on all the Scaling Frameworks that matter today (LeSS. SAFe, Nexus, Spotify and so on). Not to implement one of them, but give you the choice to pick one or make your own unique way of working.

In this three hour training we explain in short (see also the one day training) why you need scaling by putting you and your team thru a self design game and after that we will deepdive on the issues you encountered. This will give you lots of insight and possibility to discuss your internal issues with us. We have years of experience in working for large and complex organizations so we are not just theoretical, but also practical and can give you examples on how we did it and are doing it.

We will not replace one of the frameworks training or certify, but you will walk away with some interesting hands on steps to take with your companies leaders or teams.

So, is this training for you:

  • Yes, if you are a Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Agile consultant;
  • Yes, if you are interested in working multi team scrum;
  • Yes, if you want deeper understanding of how Agile can work in complex organizations
  • Yes, if you like 100% free of Powerpoint training

What can I learn?

  • Challenges when you work Agile in a large complex organization and when applying Scaling Agile
  • Learn about the top Scaling Frameworks (LeSS, SAFe, Nexus, Spotify, Scrum@Scale)
  • What the differences are between these Frameworks
  • How to build your own Framework / Way of Working
  • How to grow more Agile Mature using Scaling
  • What does Scaling mean for all the roles in the organization
  • Experience on how we did Scaling in other similar organizations
  • How to make a plan to really change

Pre knowledge:

  • Scrum
  • Agile
  • Some experience in complex organizations working with Agile

Also possible incompany

  • Workshop Scaling short

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